One Loft Races

One loft pigeon racing has been around for a while though in recent years has become even more popular with one loft races taking place all over the world.

Here are a few of the biggest one loft races running every year. 

Races in the UK

RPRA One Loft Race

RPRA One Loft

The RPRA run a one loft race (a series of races) every year with some large cash prizes to be won.

Who Dares Wins

Who Dares Wins

Who Dares Wins, run by Gary Tomlinson and family offers a £20,000 cash prize for 1st place.

North Coast Classic

North Coast Classic

The NCC offers a £15,000 cash prize for 1st place. Fanciers can also claim their birds back for free.

Midlands National FC

Midlands National FC

The MNFC features several hot spot races and a final with a combined sum of £50,000 prize money.

International Races

Derby Arona logo
Derby Halkidiki logo
Victoria Falls Logo

Derby Arona

One of the most popular and successful one loft races in Europe with cash prizes upward of €100,000.

Derby Halkidiki

A unique Greek experience with beaches for the wife and kids alongside spacious loft facilities.

Victoria Falls

A world class one loft race set in the majestic Victoria Falls of South Africa with a prize pot of $1,200,000!