Pigeon Man

Jim Emerton bred and raced birds for 40 years and had birds return to the loft from as far as 879 miles away.

Now in retirement from active racing, he devotes his time and energies to sharing his experiences, his observations and his expertise with the rest of the fancy.

Here in one volume is a comprehensive collection of his thoughts about pigeons and pigeon racing, ranging from short pieces originally written for the leading fanciers’ magazines to full-length articles and interviews.

“What unites us in principle is the common good of the sport, and with this in mind I do what I can for others – it all oils the cogs of the sport. Some will see me as a know-all, yet I am a quiet little man making my mark, that’s all. What is true is that I have made a life study of pigeons, and as a teacher I like to impart knowledge and experience… My aim is purely to tell it as it is to me, and if this is illuminating to others, then so be it.”

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