For The Birds Documentary

Racing pigeon documentary created by Logan Gardner for his grandfather Arvel Freydenfelt.

This short film gives a brief overview of how pigeon racing works, how the winner is calculated and the difference between feral or street pigeons and real athlete racing pigeons. Highly recommended if you want to know a bit more about the pigeon sport.

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Ron Jackson says 27/07/2019

What a great advertisement for our sport of Racing Pigeons,if more younger people get to view these documentaries they would have a better understanding of the whole aspect of keeping them.My name is Ron Jackson i live on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia,i started racing pigeons way back in the 1970s in New Zealand with my younger brother and Dad under the banner of the Jackson Brothers.We had many great experiences with our pigeons that helped me become a better person.I still race pigeons on the Gold Coast and have sadly seen a big decline in the sport here.I wish I had a solution,but with more documentaries like yours it could have more impact on our great sport.

    Racing Pigeon Sport says 01/08/2019

    Thanks for your comment Ron. Yes, I totally agree with you. Hopefully by us having this website and filling it with more great content more young people will be able to learn about pigeon racing. I disagree with people claiming that technology has led to a decline in the sport, after all, China has just as much tech as us (if not more) but the sport is growing massively over there. Well, fingers crossed. If you know of anyone that writes articles or guides and would like them featured on our website please contact us. Cheers

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