Where to Buy Racing Pigeons

Most fanciers that are serious about the sport will either end up swapping or purchasing birds at some point.

After all, breeding and racing pigeons the same way bred is great if you're winning, but not so much if you're on the other end of the spectrum.

The term "flogging a dead horse" comes to mind.

So here is a list of a few recommended places to look for pigeons to buy. 

Lofts with pigeons for sale

The websites listed on this page are reputable and considered trustworthy in the wider pigeon racing community, that said, please do your own due diligence before buying pigeons from anywhere.

Eijerkamp (NE)

Hans Eijerkamp was first introduced to the pigeon sport back in the 1950s. Today Hans, son Evert-Jan and their team run a very successful racing loft and stud in the Netherlands.

Murray & Mills (UK)

Murray & Mills, based in the UK, have been steadily but surely racking up some fantastic one loft race performances with many GB 1st positions in some of the toughest one loft races in the world. 

Their website has pigeons for sale bred to the same standard (often from the same pairs) as their one loft racers. Absolutely worth a look if you intend to fly one loft.

JPS Lofts (UK)

J.P.S is co-owned and operated by 2 partnerships, James and Pete Parker flying in a small village in Reading Berkshire, and Ian Stafford and Mark Wilson flying in Skinningrove in the north east of England.

Do you offer pigeons for sale online?

Please send us a message and we'll see about adding you to the list.

Auction websites


Pipa is famous the world over for their high profile pigeon sales and one loft auctions. If you have a substantial budget this is the place to buy pigeons.

Elimar (UK)

Elimar has been around for a long time in the UK, their website allows fanciers to list birds for sale at auction. There can be some good finds on there for those with a more modest budget or are just getting started.