Welcome to our website on pigeon racing, here we will post interesting articles and videos about the sport as well as a few guides to help newer fanciers.

The Racing Pigeon Sport

Thought to be one of the oldest sports known to man, pigeon racing involves the release of specially trained racing pigeons that compete in short, middle or long distance races.

Pigeon Racing Today

Traditionally the released birds would fly back to their own respective lofts and be timed in by the fancier, however, in recent years the one loft race model has shown a great rise in popularity.

These one loft races usually offer massive cash prizes or even cars to be won.

Pigeon Racing Tips For Beginners

Breeding Pigeons

How you pair and breed pigeons is of critical importance if you wish to see any long-term success as a competitive pigeon flyer that produces results year on year.

The Loft

The pigeon loft or coop is your base of operations, it's where your birds will call home and also serves as the finish line for most races you will compete in.

Pigeon Health

While they are some of the toughest animals on the planet, racing pigeons are athletes and as such need to be kept in tip-top condition. As a fancier you must be mindful of your pigeons' well-being and remain ever vigilante in dealing with any health problems that may arise.