There are many factors to consider when breeding for success in pigeon racing. Here we cover some of the basic fundamentals with informative articles and videos to get you started.

Choosing Breeders: What to Look For

Here is a short clip from John Halsteads ‘Breeding, Feeding and Tactics to Win Races’. John talks about the physical aspects he looks for in a breeding pigeon. Below are a few of the most basic things to look at when choosing breeders, it’s important to note there are many other contributing factors involved in producing a […]


Breeding Racing Pigeons

racing pigeon breeding

When it comes down to it, breeding racing pigeons for success takes dedication, knowledge, and testing. In all honesty, if you want to stand any kind of chance as a competitive flyer it is essential you not only keep accurate loft and pedigree records but also have some sort of breeding plan in place. Which can […]