The Loft

Loft Cleaning Routine

pigeon loft cleaning

One of the most often overlooked aspects of pigeon racing is the hygiene of the birds. In this article we’ll look at a pretty standard  pigeon loft cleaning routine. The aim of this is to be a starting point, feel free to plan your own routine and add/change things to suit your loft’s needs. 1. […]


Planning and building your first loft

pigeon loft

Whether you’re just starting up again or getting set up with your own pigeons for the first time, aside from acquiring quality stock birds, the pigeon loft itself will be one of the biggest hurdles you’ll have to jump before taking to the skies with your own racers. If you’re a veteran fancier this article […]


Red Mites

pigeon red mite

Red Mites live in the cracks and crevices all around the pigeon loft. They only move on to pigeons for the duration of the evening to suck blood. These mites can easily go undetected during the day. Hefty infestations can cause anaemia and might even result in the death of squabs. Bloodsucking lice may possibly […]