Skyleader GPS

SKYLEADER Pigeon GPS Tracking Review

Being able to know the exact route your pigeons take while airborne has been the dream for almost every fancier since time immemorial. Now with GPS tracking technology becoming more and more sophisticated, it seems that the dream may be a reality. 

There have been a few “pigeon trackers” over the years, but the one that really stands out is the GPS tracking ring, SKYLEADER a.k.a Jixiangle.

What exactly does it do?

The SKYLEADER GPS records the flight time, speed, location and provides a detailed route map that your pigeons took from the point of liberation to their destination (your loft).

The route map uses Google maps and can be shown in either regular map view or satellite view for more detail regarding the terrain.


Here’s a really informative video from an awesome pigeon YouTube channel that shows how the system gathers data on the pigeons’ flight path, speed, time taken etc., then how that data is transferred from the ring onto your computer along with the software used.

SKYLEADER GPS: The Good and Bad

The GPS tracking system from SKYLEADER provides some incredible insight into the routes your pigeons take when flying back to the loft, giving the fancier access to never before seen valuable data that really separates the “smart” pigeons from the weaker ones.


  • Lightweight (4 grams including battery)
  • Fits securely over the life ring – easy to put on and take off the leg
  • Software available (supports Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac)
  • 12 hour battery life (rechargeable)
  • Uses Google maps to show route


  • Lightweight but fairly “bulky”
  • Not exactly cheap – you won’t be putting these on all your pigeons

Where to buy?

SKYLEADER is available on Amazon but it ships from Taiwan incurring customs duty and tax.